Detailed Information

German Shepherd K9 Training is a reputable business based in Melbourne, founded and operated by Matt, a dedicated German Shepherd and K9 trainer with a passion for canine obedience. With years of specialized training direct from Germany, Matt offers world-class obedient training for German Shepherds and all types of K9 breeds. Whether you’re seeking tailored German Shepherd training or general K9 obedience instruction, Matt’s expertise and proven methods ensure fast and effective results.

At German Shepherd K9 Training, Matt’s comprehensive approach addresses a wide range of behavioral issues commonly faced by dog owners, such as digging, leash pulling, aggression, biting, and more. Through personalized consultations and training sessions, Matt provides quick solutions to improve your dog’s behavior and responsiveness. Whether you prefer in-person training at your location in Melbourne or online coaching, Matt’s goal is to empower dog owners with the knowledge and skills to raise a well-behaved and obedient canine companion.

With a focus on creating harmonious relationships between dogs and their owners, German Shepherd K9 Training caters to puppies, adult dogs, and rehomed pets. Matt’s background in handling high-energy working line German Shepherds like Paco has honed his expertise in dog training and behavior modification. By sharing his insights and experiences, Matt helps dog owners understand the root causes of behavioral issues and guides them in providing the right environment and training for their furry friends to thrive.