Detailed Information

The German Shepherd Dog League of NSW Inc is a reputable organization affiliated with Dogs NSW and the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia. With a strong global following, the German Shepherd Dog is known for its versatility as a companion, working, and service dog. From serving in the armed forces and police to assisting in rescue missions and guiding the visually impaired, German Shepherds are cherished by enthusiasts as beloved family pets.

Established to promote the breeding, exhibition, and overall enhancement of the German Shepherd Dog breed in Australia, the GSDL of NSW offers valuable resources on the history and care of these remarkable dogs. The organization hosts events like the GSDL Easter Championship Show, featuring activities such as a coffee van, breakfast options, and BBQ gatherings. Additionally, they conduct Breed Surveys and provide training programs for obedience and showmanship.

Located in Erskine Park, Orchard Hills, NSW, The German Shepherd Dog League of NSW Inc is dedicated to upholding the standards of the breed and fostering a community of passionate German Shepherd enthusiasts. With a commitment to excellence and education, the GSDL of NSW continues to be a leading authority in promoting responsible ownership and showcasing the exceptional qualities of the German Shepherd Dog.