Detailed Information

Geelong Obedience Club, with Incorporation No A5419H, has been a prominent establishment since its inception in 1954. Affiliated with Dogs Victoria, the club is dedicated to training dog owners in the art of training their furry companions. Utilizing modern training methods that focus on association and motivation, the club emphasizes active participation by handlers to ensure fair and consistent training practices. Understanding that dogs respond to voice tones rather than words, the club aims to create a fun and rewarding experience for both dogs and their owners.

At Geelong Obedience Club, all dogs, regardless of size, are catered to with the understanding that they require a firm and fair leader to provide for their needs. The club encourages members to engage in activities such as training, grooming, and playtime to foster a strong bond between the dog and its human family. Emphasizing the importance of understanding a dog’s behavior, the club encourages members to educate themselves by reading about dogs and their behavior, empowering them to achieve the best results in their training efforts.

The club operates every Sunday morning, offering a structured training program to help dog owners become effective pack leaders for their pets. Additionally, the club values community involvement, as evidenced by the generous contributions of members like John Jones and Emma Gladman, who volunteered their time and equipment for the betterment of the club grounds. Prospective members are required to complete an application form and pay applicable fees for membership consideration, with the club reserving the right to refuse applications on a first-come basis. For inquiries about membership availability, individuals are encouraged to contact the membership officer via email at membership.officer@godc.org.au.