Detailed Information

The Gawler Dog Training Club, established in 1980, is a reputable organization affiliated with Dogs SA Inc, a prominent governing body in the Australian National Kennel Council. Our club is dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership through comprehensive education and training programs. We provide a supportive environment for dog owners to socialize with like-minded individuals and facilitate positive interactions among their pets.

At Gawler Dog Training Club, our primary goal is to assist dog owners in training their pets to become well-behaved companions that seamlessly integrate into their households. Our training sessions focus on enhancing various aspects of a dog’s life, from basic obedience to socialization skills. By participating in our programs, owners can better understand their dogs’ behaviors and address any issues effectively, fostering a harmonious relationship between pet and owner.

We welcome members of all ages and skill levels, emphasizing inclusivity and community engagement. Through our commitment to promoting a safer and more secure environment for canine companions, we strive to contribute positively to the overall well-being of dogs and their owners. Join us at Gawler Dog Training Club to embark on a rewarding journey of bonding with your furry friend and nurturing a fulfilling relationship based on trust and mutual understanding.