Detailed Information

Welcome to FurKids Retreat, the Sunshine Coast’s exclusive luxury pet retreat dedicated to providing a peaceful and caring environment for small, social dogs and cats. Situated on a picturesque ten-acre property in Tanawha, our retreat offers a home-away-from-home experience for your beloved four-pawed family members. We specialize in catering to small dog breeds only, with height and weight restrictions in place to ensure a safe and calm environment for your furry companions.

At FurKids Retreat, we are a boutique family business driven by a deep passion for offering unconditional love and top-notch care for your pets. Our team is committed to providing the same level of attention and affection that your pets receive at home. With a focus on luxury-style accommodations for small dog breeds (10kgs and under) and cats, we stand out as the only pet care service on the Sunshine Coast specializing in small dogs. Our fully insured and council-approved facility, staffed by pet-loving professionals, ensures round-the-clock care for your pets.

Meet our dedicated team at FurKids Retreat: Sally, a senior dental nurse with over 20 years of experience, leads the way with her love for animals and expertise in medical care. Erika, an animal enthusiast with a calming and energetic presence, ensures all our guests stay healthy and active during their stay. Supported by Sally’s husband Lucas and sons Deklen and Ashden, along with their dachshunds Lucy and Benson, our team maintains our top-notch facilities to provide the best luxury accommodations for your pets on the Sunshine Coast.