Detailed Information

Frontier Pets is Australia’s top-rated pet food provider, specializing in raw feeding for dogs and cats. With a focus on making raw feeding easy and convenient, Frontier Pets offers the highest quality dog and cat food in Australia. Their recipes are carefully developed by holistic veterinarian Dr. Kathy Cornack to meet the Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding (BARF) dietary requirements of pets.

For almost a decade, Frontier Pets has been dedicated to providing pet owners with a healthier and more ethical pet food option. Their mission goes beyond just creating nutritious meals for pets; they aim to promote animal welfare and sustainability. By sourcing 100% whole-of-life free-range protein and certified organic produce from local farmers practicing sustainable agriculture, Frontier Pets ensures that every bowl of pet food contributes to a better world.

With over 35,000 satisfied customers, Frontier Pets has garnered praise for their Australian-made, human-grade, and ethically produced pet food. Customers appreciate the convenience, quality, and positive impact of Frontier Pets’ products on their pets’ health and well-being. By choosing Frontier Pets, pet owners not only provide their furry companions with a complete and balanced diet but also support a movement towards ending Factory Farming and promoting a healthier planet.