Detailed Information

From A Dog’s View is a professional dog training service dedicated to providing personalized and compassionate support to both owners and their furry companions. Located in Caroline Springs, VIC, Australia, our services include in-home training sessions, behavioral consultations, assistance dog training, and puppy classes held in West Footscray. We pride ourselves on utilizing force-free and reward-based training methods to ensure a positive and effective learning experience for every dog.

Our puppy training program is designed to equip new puppy parents with the essential skills needed to set their pups up for a successful and well-adjusted life. With a focus on building confidence, socialization, and calm behavior, we strive to create a strong foundation for a lifelong bond between dogs and their owners. Our experienced trainer, Lisa, is highly professional and dedicated, consistently going above and beyond to provide top-notch training and guidance to all our clients.

Testimonials from satisfied pet parents speak to the effectiveness and quality of our services, highlighting the positive impact our training has had on their dogs’ behavior and overall well-being. Whether you’re looking to enhance your dog’s training or address specific behavioral concerns, From A Dog’s View is here to support you and your canine companion every step of the way.