Detailed Information

Forever Dachshunds is a reputable small dachshund breeding business located in The Hills Shire, NSW. As passionate dachshund enthusiasts and a family of five, they have been breeding these beloved dogs since 2019. Their commitment to responsible and ethical breeding practices is evident in the care and attention given to each puppy. Raised on a 30-acre property, the dachshund puppies at Forever Dachshunds experience socialization from birth, ensuring they grow into confident and friendly companions.

At Forever Dachshunds, the health and well-being of their puppies are top priorities. All dogs undergo DNA testing to ensure they are clear of any genetic diseases, providing peace of mind to new owners. The puppies are fed a nutritious diet of Black Hawk puppy kibble and homemade raw food, promoting their overall health and vitality. Each puppy comes with a comprehensive puppy pack, including essentials like a collar, lead, treats, and toys with the mother’s scent, to help them settle into their new homes comfortably.

Forever Dachshunds is dedicated to finding the best homes for their puppies, ensuring they receive the love and care they deserve. With a focus on transparency, safety, and traceable payments, Forever Dachshunds strives to provide a seamless and supportive experience for both the puppies and their new families. Their commitment to ethical breeding practices and the well-being of their dachshunds sets them apart as a trusted and reputable breeder in the community.