Detailed Information

The Foreign Shorthair Cat Club of South Australia Inc. is dedicated to promoting the welfare of cats and encouraging safe and environmentally friendly housing practices for felines. The club also focuses on fostering the ethical breeding of pedigree cats and promoting healthy competition among cat owners through participation in cat shows. Members of the club have the opportunity to showcase their catteries and engage with fellow cat enthusiasts.

  • The club welcomes individuals with a passion for cats, particularly those interested in ‘Foreign Shorthair’ breeds such as Abyssinian, Bengal, Burmese, Russian, Siamese, and more. Members can learn about these breeds at cat shows and engage with owners to gain insights into their care and characteristics.
  • Regular meetings are held at the Fullarton Park Community Centre, providing a platform for members to connect, share knowledge, and stay updated on cat-related topics. The club’s committee, led by President Pam Worsley, ensures the smooth functioning of activities and initiatives aimed at promoting responsible cat ownership.
  • In addition to its advocacy and educational efforts, the Foreign Shorthair Cat Club offers products like the K11 Airline Preferred Pet carrier, designed to meet international standards for pet transportation. This lightweight and secure carrier is suitable for both breeders and exhibitors, providing a safe and comfortable travel solution for cats.