Detailed Information

For Paws is a premier dog training business located in Perth, dedicated to providing top-notch training solutions to help dogs and their owners overcome any behavioral challenges. Led by certified dog trainer Kate, For Paws offers a variety of services including dog training classes, consultations, and walking sessions. With a focus on using force-free, reward-based methodologies, For Paws aims to strengthen the bond between dogs and their families while addressing a wide range of issues such as fear, anxiety, barking, and more.

Founded out of a passion for animals and a desire to make a positive impact in the lives of dogs, For Paws was born from Kate’s background as a veterinary nurse and her personal experience with a rescued puppy named Lola. Drawing on her expertise and qualifications, including certifications from the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and Behaviorists, Family Paws Parent Educator, and Fear Free Certified Animal Trainer, Kate and her team at For Paws are committed to helping dogs of all backgrounds lead fulfilling lives through effective training and behavior modification.

At For Paws, we understand the unique needs of each dog and offer tailored solutions to address specific behavioral issues. Whether it’s socialization, obedience training, or addressing complex behavioral problems, our team is dedicated to providing compassionate and professional guidance to help dogs and their families thrive. With a strong emphasis on positive reinforcement and a wealth of experience in dog training and behavior modification, For Paws is the go-to destination in Perth for all your dog training needs.