Detailed Information

Fleurieu Park Boarding Kennels, established for over 12 years, is a premier dog boarding facility located in Aldinga, South Australia. We pride ourselves on catering to all dog breeds, sizes, and temperaments, ensuring that each furry guest receives top-notch care and attention during their stay. Our spacious kennels feature a room, veranda, and outdoor area, providing ample space for dogs to relax, play, and enjoy their time away from home.

At Fleurieu Park Boarding Kennels, we prioritize the well-being of our canine guests by offering a healthy meal plan, regular exercise sessions, and a comfortable sleeping environment. Our dedicated staff treats every dog as part of the family, providing individualized care based on their unique needs and preferences. Whether your dog requires special diets, medications, or simply extra attention, we are equipped to accommodate their requirements to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay.

Located at 215 Hahn Rd, Aldinga SA 5173, Fleurieu Park Boarding Kennels welcomes visitors to tour our facilities and learn more about our services. With a focus on creating a home-like environment for dogs in our care, we strive to offer a personalized experience that gives pet owners peace of mind while they are away. Contact us at 0417 805 705 or via email to inquire about booking availability and to discover why Fleurieu Park Boarding Kennels is a trusted choice for dog boarding in the region.