Detailed Information

The Feline Control Council of Victoria Inc., established in 1962, is dedicated to promoting the welfare of cats, enhancing breeding and exhibition standards, and fostering good sportsmanship among its members. As the largest feline registration council in Victoria and the second-largest in Australia after the New South Wales Cat Fanciers Association, FCCV Inc. plays a pivotal role in maintaining breed standards, genetic integrity, and responsible breeding practices.

With a comprehensive database that records pedigrees and microchip details of all registered cats and kittens, FCCV Inc. ensures the traceability and authenticity of pedigreed felines. The organization comprises nine sub-committees that oversee various aspects such as breed standards, genetics, animal welfare compliance, and judges’ training. Recognizing standards for forty-four pedigreed cat breeds, FCCV Inc. conducts informative sessions to educate members on their responsibilities under the Code of Conduct and any new regulations.

Through friendly and inclusive cat shows, FCCV Inc. provides a platform for cat enthusiasts to showcase their beloved felines and engage with like-minded individuals. Affiliated with five clubs and breed societies, the organization upholds strict guidelines, including mandatory microchipping for all registered cats over twelve weeks old. With a dedicated committee and a commitment to excellence, FCCV Inc. continues to uphold its mission of promoting the well-being and standards of cats in Victoria.