Detailed Information

Eumundi Equine Veterinary Practice, located in Belli Park, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, is a dedicated equine veterinary service founded by Dr. Peter Agnew. With a passion for large animals, Dr. Agnew brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the practice, having worked in various veterinary settings across Europe and Australia. His commitment to providing holistic care for horses sets Eumundi Equine Veterinary Practice apart, focusing not only on treating immediate issues but also on addressing underlying causes such as pasture management, feed, training routines, and more.

Dr. Agnew’s journey in veterinary medicine began in the English countryside, leading him to study at Glasgow Vet School and gain experience in mixed practices before specializing in equine care. His international exposure includes working at a prestigious equine hospital in the UK, where he served a clientele that included International and Olympic equestrians, as well as the Royal Family. In 1999, Dr. Agnew established his practice on a 104-acre former dairy farm in Belli Park, Sunshine Coast, with a mission to provide top-notch veterinary services to horses in the region.

As a member of reputable organizations such as Equine Veterinarians Australia, Australian Stud Book, Australian Veterinary Association, and the Queensland Veterinary Board, Eumundi Equine Veterinary Practice upholds the highest standards of care and professionalism. Dr. Agnew’s dedication to the well-being and performance of horses, coupled with his extensive background in equine medicine, makes Eumundi Equine Veterinary Practice a trusted partner for horse owners seeking comprehensive veterinary services in the Sunshine Coast area.