Detailed Information

Ethical Dog Services is a specialized dog training service that focuses on addressing the prevalent societal issue of Anxiety in dogs, including Separation Anxiety and Leash Reactivity. Recognizing the importance of general obedience training for household peace, Ethical Dog Services also offers this essential service. The business understands the significant role animals play in providing emotional and psychological stability to individuals dealing with mental health issues, aiming to decrease feelings of isolation and low self-esteem through effective dog training.

With a commitment to empathetically listening and working with dog owners to achieve their training goals, Ethical Dog Services offers individualized home sessions in various suburbs, creating a familiar environment for dogs to learn and retain new skills. Led by Emilia Borkowski, a passionate expert with 13 years of experience in canine behavior, the business strives to make each dog’s world happier and stress-free. Emilia’s deep compassion for dogs and dedication to continuous learning ensure that clients receive top-notch training services tailored to their specific needs.

Emilia is supported by Jacqui Bowden, who brings over 7 years of experience in working with dogs, from pet sitting to managing a dog daycare and assisting with behavioral consults. Jacqui’s expertise in reading canine body language and understanding dog emotions adds valuable insight to Ethical Dog Services’ training programs. Together, Emilia and Jacqui work tirelessly to help dog owners build stronger connections with their pets and create harmonious relationships based on trust and understanding.