Detailed Information

Enigma Spoodles is a reputable and established business specializing in breeding high-quality Poodle crosses for over 30 years. The kennel name Enigma is synonymous with producing top-notch family pets, with a focus on creating non-shedding, non-allergenic pups that are well-suited for young families and city living. Enigma’s expertise in cross-breeding began in 1995 with Labradoodles and later transitioned to English Cocker Spaniels and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, resulting in pups with excellent temperaments and coats ideal for families.

Enigma Spoodles takes pride in its commitment to breeding healthy and well-socialized pups, ensuring that each one is a perfect fit for their new families. The kennel’s dedication to producing top-quality Poodle crosses has earned them a stellar reputation in the industry. In addition to their Poodle crosses, Enigma also operates Gwydir kennels, specializing in Working Cocker Spaniels known for their affectionate nature, intelligence, and versatility in activities such as Agility and scent work. With a focus on producing dogs with exceptional qualities, Enigma Spoodles continues to be a trusted choice for those seeking a loving and loyal companion.

With a rich history of breeding excellence and a passion for creating exceptional family pets, Enigma Spoodles stands out as a premier destination for those looking to welcome a new furry friend into their home. Whether you are interested in a Poodle cross from Enigma or a Working Cocker Spaniel from Gwydir, you can be assured of receiving a well-bred and well-cared-for pup that will bring joy and companionship to your life. Discover the difference that decades of experience and dedication to quality make by choosing Enigma Spoodles for your next four-legged family member.