Detailed Information

Empower Assistance Dogs is a dedicated organization focused on profoundly impacting the lives of individuals with disabilities. Our mission revolves around enhancing the quality of life and fostering independence for people facing various challenges. We achieve this through our rigorous program of selecting, nurturing, and professionally training government-certified hearing and assistance dogs. These dogs serve as invaluable partners in daily life, empowering their handlers to maintain high independence by providing assistance, companionship, and support.

At Empower Assistance Dogs, we strongly believe in the profound power of partnership. Our dogs become an extension of their handlers’ families, offering assistance, companionship, friendship, and a source of boundless joy. Our services include providing emotional support and interaction to individuals within the community who may require therapeutic intervention. We also work within various facilities such as medical, dental, aged care, and school environments, ensuring our dogs make a meaningful impact in diverse settings.

Founded by Craig and Tracey Murray, Empower Assistance Dogs has a rich history of dedication to training and placing dogs with persons with disabilities. Our organization is committed to providing professionally trained government-certified assistance dogs to enhance independence and quality of life. Through our breeding, raising, and training programs, we aim to create a world where abilities shine brighter than disabilities, offering reliable and high-quality service to individuals seeking assistance dogs across multiple genres of service.