Detailed Information

Emerald Park Border Collies is a reputable and ethical breeding business located in Dyers Crossing, NSW, Australia. Specializing in raising healthy and well-adjusted Border Collie puppies, Emerald Park focuses on producing dogs with biddable temperaments and sound conformation. The business goes above and beyond traditional breeding practices by implementing Puppy Culture protocols to ensure that their puppies are behaviorally sound and well-socialized.

With a strong emphasis on health and welfare, Emerald Park ensures that all their adult dogs undergo full genetic profiling to prevent any hereditary diseases in their puppies. Each puppy is registered with the MDBA, microchipped, vet checked, and vaccinated before going to their new families. Additionally, they provide an extensive puppy pack including essential items like dietary information, grooming tools, toys, and a blanket that smells like the mother, along with 6 weeks of free pet insurance.

Committed to providing ongoing support to their puppy owners, Emerald Park offers a lifetime of breeder support. Families interested in welcoming a Border Collie into their home can join the waiting list by completing an application form. The business prides itself on its adherence to the Animal Welfare Code of Practice and its dedication to raising confident, stable, and resilient dogs that make excellent companions for loving families.