Detailed Information

Embark Pet Care, based in Brisbane, QLD, is a reputable dog behaviour consulting and training business founded by Bea Labady MA CPDT FFCP. With over a decade of hands-on experience working with dogs of all breeds and sizes, Bea specializes in assessing and rehabilitating dogs with various behaviour issues. Having collaborated with organizations like RSPCA NSW & QLD and behavior veterinarians, Bea is a full professional member of industry-leading organizations promoting force-free, modern training methods.

Embark Pet Care focuses on addressing a wide range of dog behaviour problems, from basic training issues like leash pulling to more complex behaviours such as fear and excessive barking. Bea offers family-friendly, in-home lessons for puppies aged 8-16 weeks, emphasizing positive reinforcement methods to modify animal behaviour. Additionally, Bea’s expertise extends to training and assessing psychiatric assistance dogs and participating in school literacy programs, showcasing a commitment to animal well-being and community involvement.

With a mission to strengthen the bond between pets and their owners through science-based knowledge and positive reinforcement training techniques, Embark Pet Care stands out as a trusted resource for dog owners seeking professional guidance in addressing behavioural challenges. Bea Labady’s dedication to responsible pet ownership and promoting well-mannered canine citizens underscores the business’s commitment to enhancing the overall well-being of dogs and their human companions.