Detailed Information

Elementals Equine Therapies, based in Appin near Sydney, NSW Australia, has been a trusted provider of natural care for horses since 2002. Led by Director Rebecca Booth, the team specializes in equine sports therapy, the Tellington Method, neuro-fascial therapy, low-level laser therapy, and more. With a focus on the horse’s welfare as the top priority, Elementals Equine Therapies offers a holistic approach to horse care, working in collaboration with veterinarians, herbalists, dentists, farriers, and other professionals.

Rebecca Booth, with a background in psychology and a range of certifications in equine therapy, brings a wealth of experience in treating horses from various disciplines such as racing, eventing, dressage, showjumping, and more. Alongside Tara, the Director of Quality Control, the team at Elementals Equine Therapies is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and promoting the overall well-being of horses. Rebecca’s commitment to continued education and forming strategic partnerships ensures that the business remains at the forefront of equine bodywork services.

Elementals Equine Therapies envisions becoming the preferred provider of comprehensive equine bodywork services, focusing on performance and well-being. Through professional service, a dedication to horse welfare, and ongoing education, the team aims to enhance functional movement in horses. Partnering with The Naturalcare Company, Elementals Equine Therapies offers a holistic approach to equine health care, emphasizing natural therapies and forming a strong network of health care professionals to support the equine community.