Detailed Information

EJ’s Superior Pet Foods is a trusted and government-accredited business that has been providing top-quality pet meat sourced locally in Australia for over 70 years. With a commitment to offering additive and preservative-free products, our range of pet meats caters to even the fussiest eaters, including options made from beef, chicken, boar, and more. In addition to pet meats, we also stock a variety of treats such as dried liver, pigs’ ears, and roo treats, as well as a selection of bones like beef brisket and kangaroo tail bones.

Our dedication to quality extends beyond pet foods to include ethically sourced and sustainable game meats for human consumption. From wild-caught kangaroo to venison, our range of meats is perfect for elevating any barbecue, function, or family meal. Whether you shop in-store or online, you can trust that our products are of the highest standard, ensuring both your furry friends and your family receive premium, healthy meats.

Established by Jim and Pat Ramsay in the early 1950s, NQ Game Meats, under the umbrella of EJ’s Superior Pet Foods, has become a leading wholesale and retail supplier of game meats in North Queensland. Managed by their son, Edward Ramsay, our business prides itself on offering fresh, certified meats to households and businesses. With a team of professional meat inspectors and our own in-house boning room, we guarantee the quality and freshness of our products. Contact us today to learn more about our range of game meats and pet foods.