Detailed Information

Edenhills Pet Cremation is a compassionate and professional pet cremation and funeral service provider with a strong commitment to honoring the memory of beloved pets. Established in 1984, Edenhills operates across multiple locations in Australia, offering pet owners the peace of mind that their pets will be handled with dignity and understanding. The business prides itself on its 7 Point Pet Tracking System, ensuring the safe and accurate handling of pets throughout the cremation process.

At Edenhills, pet owners can expect a personalized service that includes the option to choose a vessel for their pet’s ashes and receive a loving keepsake to cherish their memories. The team at Edenhills consists of passionate animal lovers who understand the profound impact of losing a pet and are dedicated to providing support during difficult times. Additionally, Edenhills actively supports local animal welfare organizations, demonstrating a commitment to giving back to the community.

For individuals interested in joining a team that values compassion and professionalism, Edenhills Pet Cremation offers opportunities for pet lovers to contribute to their mission. By maintaining a focus on delivering personal and affordable pet cremation services, Edenhills continues to uphold its core values and remains a trusted partner for pet owners seeking a respectful and caring farewell for their beloved companions.