Detailed Information

Dunroamin Animal Rescue is a dedicated organization committed to the mission of bringing about a time when there are No More Homeless Pets. With a focus on rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing animals in need, they go beyond traditional rescue efforts by establishing community programs and partnerships for affordable desexing. By preventing unnecessary dumping and killing in pounds, Dunroamin Animal Rescue believes in the power of collaboration to Save Them All.

Driven by their goal of creating a world with No More Homeless Pets, Dunroamin Animal Rescue envisions a better world through kindness to animals. Their core values of treating all living things with respect and compassion, as well as demonstrating positive influence through saving and improving animal lives, guide their every action. Through leadership, authenticity, and transparency, they lead by example in developing and promoting innovative programs to help animals in need.

One of the standout initiatives of Dunroamin Animal Rescue is their successful Dunroamin Desexing Program, now in its 7th year. This program has provided free and heavily subsidized spaying for hundreds of dogs and cats, effectively breaking the cycle that leads to more homeless animals. Local veterinarians and pounds have witnessed a tangible decrease in animal numbers, showcasing the impact of Dunroamin’s efforts in educating the community on the importance of desexing and responsible pet ownership.