Detailed Information

Dr Terri’s Home Vet Visits offers a unique and compassionate approach to veterinary care by providing stress-free in-home consultations for pets and their owners. Recognizing the anxiety that can come with visiting a traditional vet clinic, Dr Terri ensures a comfortable and familiar environment for both pets and their human companions. With a special interest in dog and cat behavior, Dr Terri is dedicated to addressing a wide range of pet healthcare needs, from routine vaccinations to end-of-life discussions and in-home euthanasia services.

Located on the Sunshine Coast and serving areas such as South Gympie, Imbil, and Caloundra, Dr Terri’s mobile veterinary service extends beyond the typical clinic setting to accommodate the diverse needs of pet owners. In addition to veterinary consultations, Dr Terri also offers convenient delivery services for flea and tick prevention, pet food, and supplements, ensuring that pet care remains accessible and hassle-free for clients. For villages without a visiting vet, Dr Terri welcomes inquiries to potentially expand her service area and provide quality care to more communities.

For pet owners seeking personalized and attentive veterinary care in the comfort of their own homes, Dr Terri’s Home Vet Visits is a trusted and reliable choice. With a commitment to promoting the well-being of pets and fostering strong relationships with clients, Dr Terri’s service goes beyond traditional veterinary care to create a supportive and compassionate experience for all involved.