Detailed Information

Dr. Suze | My Visiting Vet is a unique veterinary service founded by Dr. Susanna Gamage, catering to pet owners in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Understanding the inconvenience and stress associated with traditional vet appointments, Dr. Suze offers a personalized and professional approach by bringing veterinary care directly to your home. With a focus on providing a calming and comfortable experience for pets, Dr. Suze aims to make the process convenient for pet owners while ensuring the well-being of their beloved animals.

Services offered by Dr. Suze include preventative healthcare, routine medications, vaccinations to keep pets healthy and protected, general health checks for diagnoses and status reports, as well as holistic acupuncture treatments. Additionally, Dr. Suze specializes in end-of-life services, offering a compassionate and comfortable send-off for pets surrounded by their loved ones in a familiar home environment. By prioritizing the emotional well-being of both pets and owners, Dr. Suze | My Visiting Vet strives to provide a unique and caring veterinary experience.

Operating by appointment, Dr. Suze’s visiting hours are flexible to accommodate the needs of pet owners in areas such as Armadale, Balwyn, Burwood, Canterbury, Camberwell, and more. With a commitment to delivering professional and convenient veterinary care, Dr. Suze | My Visiting Vet stands out as a mobile house call vet service that values the comfort and well-being of pets in the comfort of their own homes.