Detailed Information

Glen Iris Upper Veterinary Clinic is a well-established family-run practice founded in 1993 by Dr. Shane Moore, a highly experienced and dedicated veterinarian with nearly 45 years of experience. Alongside his son, Dr. Gerard Moore, they provide exceptional veterinary care to families in Glen Iris, Ashburton, Malvern, and surrounding areas. The clinic prides itself on building trusted relationships with clients and their pets, offering a range of services for small animals.

Operating with a small team of 2 vets and 3 support staff, Glen Iris Upper Veterinary Clinic focuses on maintaining patient/vet continuity and delivering personalized care. Dr. Shane and Dr. Gerard combine their expertise and passion for animal welfare to provide high-quality and compassionate treatment. The clinic’s staff, including Albertine, Jessica, and Shannyn, are dedicated to ensuring a welcoming and supportive environment for both clients and their furry companions.

With a commitment to logical, realistic, and efficient care, Glen Iris Upper Veterinary Clinic prioritizes the well-being of pets and their families. Dr. Shane Moore’s decades-long dedication to serving the local community, coupled with Dr. Gerard Moore’s upbringing in veterinary care, reflects the clinic’s deep-rooted values of integrity, honesty, and excellence in veterinary medicine.