Detailed Information

Dr. Jack Ayerbe is a reputable business specializing in pet-health supplements, founded and directed by Peter, along with a trained veterinarian business partner. With a wealth of experience in the pet supplement industry, marketing, and sales, the team at Dr. Jack Ayerbe is dedicated to providing high-quality products for pets. Their focus on pet-health supplements underscores their commitment to the well-being of animals.

Recently faced with temporary restrictions on their products due to external factors, Dr. Jack Ayerbe has shown resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges. By challenging the dominance of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels with their Australian Blue Lipped Freeze-dried Mussels, the business aims to support local Australian Fisher Farmers and offer pet owners a reliable alternative to imported mussels. Despite setbacks, Dr. Jack Ayerbe remains dedicated to delivering pharmaceutical-grade products for pets.

With a strong emphasis on quality and innovation, Dr. Jack Ayerbe continues to showcase their commitment to the pet supplement industry. As temporary restrictions are lifted, the business looks forward to resuming the promotion of their brands and serving the needs of pet owners seeking top-notch supplements for their beloved animals.