Detailed Information

Dr. Adam Stefani is the proud owner and lead veterinarian at Mornington Vet Clinic, a well-established veterinary practice serving the Mornington Peninsula and its surrounding areas for over 40 years. Dr. Stefani’s journey with the clinic began in 2003, and his passion for providing personalized and compassionate care to all animals led him to purchase the clinic in 2008. Specializing in orthopedic cases, Dr. Stefani is known for his expertise in procedures such as TPLOs and ECRs, ensuring the highest level of veterinary care for his patients.

Supported by a dedicated team of experienced professionals, including veterinary nurses, receptionists, and trainees, Mornington Vet Clinic offers a range of services from preventative medicine to advanced surgical and diagnostic procedures. The clinic’s warm and welcoming environment fosters close bonds with clients and their beloved companions, creating a family-like atmosphere that sets it apart from larger practices. With a focus on maintaining a small and personal setting, Dr. Stefani and his team strive to provide top-notch care tailored to each individual animal’s needs.

From Dr. Stefani’s Italian greyhound Henry to the team’s diverse range of pets, including American staffies, Boston Terriers, and golden retrievers, the staff at Mornington Vet Clinic share a deep love for animals both at work and at home. With a commitment to excellence, a passion for animal welfare, and a friendly approach to client relationships, Dr. Adam Stefani and his team at Mornington Vet Clinic continue to uphold their reputation as a trusted and caring veterinary practice in the community.