Detailed Information

Dogworkz, located within 50km of Kallangur, specializes in dog behavior modification and training services. With over 14 years of experience in the animal and nursing fields, Dogworkz offers tailored packages to address a variety of dog behavior issues. From basic obedience training for puppies to behavior modification for dogs displaying unacceptable behaviors, Dogworkz aims to help dog owners build a solid foundation for their pets to succeed in being obedient and well-mannered.

At Dogworkz, the focus is on introducing training skills, building confidence in puppies, and addressing common behavioral problems. The business also provides consultations to identify and overcome specific behavioral issues in dogs. By working closely with dog owners and mentoring them on effective training techniques, Dogworkz strives to alleviate undesirable behaviors and create a harmonious relationship between pets and their human companions.

Founded by an experienced dog trainer with a passion for helping dogs become loving and loyal family members, Dogworkz follows the philosophies and training ethos of renowned behaviorist Aline Sinclair. By offering personalized training programs and guidance, Dogworkz aims to empower dog owners to understand and address their pets’ behavioral needs, ultimately creating a positive and balanced environment for both dogs and their owners.