Detailed Information

Dogtraining101 is a reputable business specializing in dog training behavior modification services. With a strong background in the pet industry, the team at Dogtraining101 understands the importance of obedience and structure in a dog’s life. By helping families establish control and harmony in their homes and outdoors, Dogtraining101 aims to create happy dogs and families, ultimately reducing the number of dogs ending up in shelters. The business is dedicated to working with rescue dogs, providing training and rehabilitation to prepare them for their forever homes.

At Dogtraining101, the focus is on developing mutual respect and trust between dogs and their owners. The team believes in positive reinforcement methods and emphasizes the importance of being a leader rather than an alpha figure in a dog’s life. By offering friendly and professional dog training services, Dogtraining101 equips dog owners with the skills to navigate through puppyhood and train their dogs in obedience, resulting in well-mannered and well-behaved companions. The business operates in various locations across South East Queensland and offers both group and home training sessions.

  • Specialization: Dog training behavior modification
  • Approach: Fear-free training methods
  • Community Support: Donates services and products to affiliated rescue organizations
  • Service Areas: South East Queensland and remote training via video