Detailed Information

Dogsquad Canine Services is a premier dog training and education provider based in the North East of Victoria, offering a wide range of services to cater to the needs of dogs and their owners. By appointment only, Dogsquad Canine Services covers a broad region and conducts small class formats in central locations such as Beechworth on Mondays, Tarrawingee on Fridays, and Bright on Saturdays. The business specializes in group classes, dog awareness programs, workshops, private consults, and behavioral modifications to ensure that every dog and their family receive customized training tailored to their specific requirements.

  • Group Classes: Dogsquad Canine Services offers small class sizes in convenient locations, providing a dynamic and fun learning environment for both dogs and their owners. The classes focus on building a strong foundation of training skills and handling techniques, progressing week by week to enhance the bond between dog and handler.
  • Dog Awareness Programs: Custom-designed programs are available for schools and community groups of all ages, emphasizing education on safe and appropriate interactions between dogs and humans. These programs cover training, socialization, imprinting, and impulse control for both dogs and children.
  • Snake Safe Dog Programs: Periodically, Dogsquad Canine Services conducts Snake aversion programs to ensure dogs are trained to be safe around snakes, following all necessary compliances in Victoria. These programs are essential for dog owners in snake-prone areas to protect their pets from potential dangers.

With a focus on clear communication, balanced training methods, and building a strong bond between dogs and their handlers, Dogsquad Canine Services aims to create well-behaved and “Liveable” dogs that seamlessly integrate into their families. Whether you are looking for group classes, private consults, or specialized workshops, Dogsquad Canine Services is dedicated to providing top-notch training solutions to meet the unique needs of every dog and owner.