Detailed Information

DogsACT, operated by the A.C.T Canine Association Inc., is the leading authority for Pure Bred Dogs and Dog Sports in the Australian Capital Territory. As a non-governmental organization, we strictly adhere to ACT Government regulations concerning dog ownership and care. Our core mission is to advance the welfare of purebred dogs, promote responsible dog ownership, and highlight the diverse roles that dogs play in modern society.

  • Our organization serves as the primary governing body for dog sports in the ACT and is a proud member of the Australian National Kennel Council.
  • We provide valuable resources and guidance to individuals considering dog ownership, emphasizing the importance of responsible pet care and the benefits of purebred dogs.
  • Through our advocacy and educational initiatives, we aim to foster a community that values and respects the unique contributions that dogs make to our lives.

For those interested in becoming dog owners, DogsACT offers a wealth of information and support to ensure a positive and fulfilling experience. Our office business hours are Tuesday to Thursday from 9.30am to 2.30pm. Feel free to reach out to us for expert guidance on all matters related to purebred dogs, dog sports, and responsible pet ownership.