Detailed Information

Dogs West, also known as the Canine Association of WA, plays a vital role in the community by offering a wide range of services and activities aimed at helping dog owners better understand and appreciate the potential of their beloved pets. The association works closely with the community to provide valuable advice on dog care and welfare, emphasizing the importance of responsible ownership for all dogs. One of the primary objectives of Dogs West is to promote sound breeding practices and protect purebred dogs through stringent regulations governing breeding and puppy registration.

At Dogs West, breeders are given the opportunity to showcase their dogs at various events where qualified experts assess the quality and soundness of the animals. The association places a strong emphasis on producing high-quality dogs that are not only physically healthy but also mentally sound. Breeders invest significant time and effort in reviewing pedigrees, evaluating dogs, and selecting suitable mates to ensure the continuation of healthy bloodlines. Dogs West is dedicated to maintaining standards that uphold the integrity of purebred dogs and safeguarding their future through responsible breeding practices.

Visitors are always welcome to explore the grounds of Dogs West and witness firsthand the passion and dedication that goes into preserving and promoting the welfare of dogs. The association’s mission is to control puppy breeding by advocating for ethical practices and implementing stringent checks to uphold the highest standards of dog breeding. Whether you are a dog enthusiast, breeder, or simply a dog lover, Dogs West offers a welcoming environment where you can learn more about responsible dog ownership and the importance of preserving purebred dogs for future generations.