Detailed Information

The Dogs’ Refuge Home, located at 30 Lemnos Street in Shenton Park, Western Australia, is a longstanding and reputable animal welfare organization dedicated to saving and re-homing dogs in need. With over 100 dogs in their care at any given time, the Home provides a safe haven for abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs, offering them a second chance at a happy life. Established in October 1935, the Dogs’ Refuge Home has been a vital part of the Western Australian community for over 80 years, saving more than 1000 dogs annually.

Committed to their Pro-Life Policy, the Dogs’ Refuge Home does not euthanize healthy animals and believes that every dog deserves a second chance. They operate with a ‘no time limit’ approach, ensuring that dogs in their care receive the best possible care and support until they find a loving forever home. Through partnerships with local governments and rescue groups, the Home takes in dogs from all over metropolitan Perth and beyond, working tirelessly to provide a safe and loving environment for these animals.

Support from the community, donations from dog lovers, and partnerships with businesses are crucial for the Dogs’ Refuge Home to continue their important work. Individuals can contribute to the cause by making donations, adopting or fostering a dog, or volunteering at the shelter. By choosing to adopt a rescue dog, individuals not only gain a loyal companion but also play a significant role in giving these beautiful animals a new lease on life. Consider supporting the Dogs’ Refuge Home in their mission to rescue and re-home dogs in need.