Detailed Information

DOGS N.T. is a premier organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the breeding, training, and showcasing of various dog breeds in the Northern Territory of Australia. With a focus on maintaining high standards of care and facilities, DOGS N.T. ensures that members have access to the latest updates, exhibition schedules, and news related to the world of dogs. The organization prides itself on providing a platform for members to actively participate in decision-making processes, as evidenced by the availability of Board Meeting Summaries and updates for members to read and download.

At DOGS N.T., the emphasis is not only on the well-being of the dogs but also on the maintenance of grounds and facilities to facilitate training classes, shows, and trials. The organization highlights the importance of essential maintenance tasks such as watering, lighting, cleaning, mowing, and general building upkeep to ensure a conducive environment for all activities. Additionally, DOGS N.T. offers ground hire services that cover water charges, general maintenance, and repair or replacement of necessary items, with a clear directive that the responsibility for disposal of rubbish and cleaning rests with the hiring Affiliate.

As a member-focused entity, DOGS N.T. values the contributions and suggestions of its members, acknowledging the vital role played by volunteers in various operational aspects. The organization keeps members informed about changes in fees and operational hours, demonstrating a commitment to transparency and effective communication. With a dedicated Council overseeing operations and a focus on continuous improvement, DOGS N.T. stands as a leading authority in the promotion and celebration of dogs in the Northern Territory.