Detailed Information

Welcome to Dogs By Lisa, where expert dog training and behavior modification services are tailored to meet the unique needs of every canine companion. With over 25 years of experience in the field, Lisa is dedicated to helping dogs overcome behavioral challenges and thrive in their forever homes. Specializing in personalized training for puppies and adult dogs, Lisa offers in-house and online sessions to address any behavioral concerns your dog may have.

At Dogs By Lisa, reforming rescue dogs is a passion, as every dog deserves a loving and caring home. Lisa’s effective training methods are designed to meet the specific needs of rescue dogs, providing them with the guidance, structure, and love necessary to become well-behaved and happy family members. What sets Dogs By Lisa apart is Lisa’s background in counseling, mindfulness, and wellness coaching, which allows her to foster a deep and meaningful bond between dogs and their human companions.

By incorporating mindfulness techniques into her training approach, Lisa helps dog owners develop a greater sense of awareness and understanding of their dog’s behavior. This promotes a positive and harmonious relationship, ensuring that every fur baby receives the guidance and support needed to be a well-behaved and happy canine. Welcome to Dogs By Lisa, where your dog’s well-being and behavior are our top priorities.