Detailed Information

Dogly Lennox Head is a premier canine education and training center located in Lennox Head, serving the Ballina, Lennox Head, and Byron Bay areas. Led by the experienced and passionate companion animal trainer, Brooke Ellis, Dogly School for Dogs offers a range of services aimed at unlocking your pup’s full potential through science-based training practices and positive reinforcement methods. With a strong belief in effective communication and obedience, Dogly provides services such as puppy classes, open classes, dog sports, DIY online courses, online classes, and private tuition.

Brooke Ellis, the founder of Dogly, brings over a decade of experience working with animals and is dedicated to promoting animal welfare, mental and physical health, and positive training techniques. Having transitioned from the exhibition industry to pursue her passion for companion animal training, Brooke has built Dogly from the ground up while juggling the responsibilities of being a mother and pet owner. Her commitment to science-based training methods and community involvement, including volunteer work with the AWL, showcases her dedication to creating a strong bond between owners and their furry companions.

Since its establishment, Dogly Lennox Head has grown to become a trusted resource for dog owners seeking top-notch training services in the Northern Rivers region. From participating in community events like the Love Lennox Festival to collaborating with renowned brands for photo shoots and advertisements, Dogly continues to make a positive impact in the local dog training scene. Join the Dogly family today and embark on a journey towards a lifetime of good behavior and a deeper connection with your four-legged friend.