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DOGGY•U Service Dog Training is a leading provider of comprehensive training resources for service dog handlers and their canine companions. Founded by Laura, a Certified Guide Dog Mobility Instructor with over 13 years of experience in training service dogs, DOGGY•U is dedicated to promoting ethical, humane, and enjoyable training methods for both handlers and dogs. Laura’s passion for working with service dogs stems from her volunteer work with service dog organizations, leading her to establish DOGGY•U in 2016 to offer accessible and affordable training resources.

At DOGGY•U, our mission is to make service dog training accessible and fun for both humans and dogs. Through our online platform, we provide a range of training courses, including the popular “SERVICE DOG 101” and “BEHAVIOR INTERRUPTIONS & ALERTS.” Laura’s expertise as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Guide Dog Mobility Instructor has positioned DOGGY•U as a trusted resource in the service dog training community. Our commitment to science-based training methods ensures that our content is informative, inclusive, and welcoming to all service dog handlers.

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