Detailed Information

Doggy Dogma – Dog Training is Ipswich’s premier training company for pet dogs and their families, founded in 2008 by Jen Higgins, Director and Head Trainer, and Geoff Waldon, Director and Office Manager. As founding board members of a leading Animal Assisted Therapy provider and members of professional organizations such as APDT Australia and the Pet Professional Guild Australia, Doggy Dogma is committed to providing positive reinforcement-based dog training services to the people of Ipswich and surrounding areas.

Specializing in force-free training methods, Doggy Dogma offers real-world solutions to common dog behavior problems, ensuring effective and long-lasting results. From puppy to adult dogs of all breeds and ages, their training programs are designed to be easy, practical, and fun for both owners and their canine companions. With a focus on modern, family-friendly, and easy-to-use training techniques, Doggy Dogma helps owners understand their role in their dog’s behavior and provides humane training methods to foster a harmonious relationship between dogs and their families.

With a wide range of training options including group classes, private consultations, and flexible scheduling to accommodate busy dog owners, Doggy Dogma addresses a variety of behavioral issues such as aggression, leash pulling, and house training. Whether your dog is exhibiting problematic behaviors or you simply want to strengthen your bond with your furry friend, Doggy Dogma’s experienced trainers are dedicated to helping you and your dog achieve a happy and harmonious relationship.