Detailed Information

Doggy Daycare Port Macquarie is a reputable dog training business led by a highly experienced professional with a background in handling Police dogs, detector dogs, and a wide range of pet dogs with varying temperaments. With a focus on managing behavioral issues like reactivity and teaching essential skills, the business offers a no-nonsense approach to training that does not rely solely on food rewards. The trainer’s extensive experience and diverse training techniques ensure that clients receive effective guidance in improving their dogs’ behavior and overall well-being.

One of the key differentiators of Doggy Daycare Port Macquarie is the availability of group training programs that run for 5 weeks, with limited numbers to ensure quality. These programs cater to both puppies and dogs over 6 months old, focusing on basic commands, behavioral correction, and advanced control in real-world environments with distractions. The business also offers a specialized Puppy Foundation Program designed to set young dogs on the right path by fostering obedience, confidence, and balance from an early age.

With a commitment to helping dogs of all temperaments become well-balanced members of society, Doggy Daycare Port Macquarie stands out for its tailored training methods that adapt to each dog’s unique needs. The trainer’s ability to communicate effectively with dogs and address high-level reactivity sets the business apart from others in the industry. Whether seeking one-on-one sessions or group obedience training, clients can rely on Doggy Daycare Port Macquarie to provide expert guidance and support in achieving their training goals.