Detailed Information

Doggy Daycare Farm Trips has evolved from a traditional dog day care into a unique rescue and rehabilitation center for shelter dogs. Located in Wyong, NSW, Australia, the farm offers a sanctuary for rescue dogs who have been let down by humans in the past. The farm is not a rescue organization but rather a family-run facility that donates its resources and expertise to help rehabilitate and find forever homes for dogs in need.

The farm provides a range of activities and facilities for dogs, including a dock diving sports pool, swimming dam, bush land with walking tracks, quad bike pack runs, camping, and treasure hunts. Dogs at the farm are given the opportunity to socialize, learn, and simply enjoy being dogs in a safe and nurturing environment. The farm also offers training videos, merchandise, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content for those looking to support their cause.

Through fundraising efforts, private training lessons, and support from the community on platforms like YouTube and Facebook, Doggy Daycare Farm Trips is able to cover the costs of shelter dogs’ accommodations, food, and medical bills. The farm’s unique approach involves using a specially selected “support pack” of highly social and responsive dogs to help socialize and train shelter dogs, providing them with positive experiences and guidance to prepare them for adoption and a better future.