Detailed Information

Doggie Playmates Daycare & Grooming, located in Tweed Heads, is a specialty dog care service offering a unique recreational environment for dogs to socialize, exercise, and engage in stimulating activities. Situated in the heart of Tweed Heads commercial district, Doggie Playmates provides a converted residential home setting with open playrooms and outdoor yards for dogs to roam freely. The daycare center focuses on supporting each dog’s individual needs, well-being, and sense of enjoyment through a holistic approach to care.

At Doggie Playmates, dogs attending for grooming services are not caged and have the opportunity to interact with other daycare dogs or relax in the Doggie Playmates Lounge. The grooming services cater to dogs of all breeds and sizes, offering a range of services from nail clipping to full grooming. Additionally, the center provides puppy play-social groups for young puppies to socialize and explore new experiences together in the outdoor play yards. Dog owners can also participate in Doggie Game & Training Socials for a fun and engaging experience with their furry companions.

With a focus on providing a healthy alternative to indoor daycare for dogs, Doggie Playmates Daycare & Grooming offers cage-free grooming services, natural dog treats, and essential pet care products for purchase. The center’s commitment to creating a safe and enjoyable environment for dogs, along with its range of services aimed at promoting physical and mental well-being, makes it a go-to destination for dog owners in the Tweed Heads area.