Detailed Information

Dog Solutions Puppy Preschool is a leading establishment specializing in dog training and behavior solutions, located in various areas including Whittlesea, Mernda, Donnybrook, Epping, and many more. Established in 2002, our primary goal is to enhance the relationship between dogs and their owners by fostering trust and understanding. We recognize the uniqueness of each dog and family, hence our tailored programs are designed to ensure a successful and harmonious companionship.

At Dog Solutions, we prioritize positive reinforcement techniques and do not employ harsh methods such as fear or pain to train dogs. Our approach focuses on rewarding desired behaviors to strengthen them, ensuring a positive and effective learning experience. With a team of dedicated trainers and behavior consultants, we stay updated on the latest scientifically proven training methods to provide the best guidance for both dogs and their owners.

With a commitment to individualized care and a deep understanding of canine behavior, Dog Solutions guarantees a personalized and enriching experience for every dog that walks through our doors. Our team’s passion for helping dogs and their owners succeed shines through in our diverse training programs, seminars, and workshops, making us a trusted partner in nurturing well-adjusted and happy canine companions.