Detailed Information

Dog & Bone Sydney is a dedicated dog training and behavior modification business founded by two passionate siblings with a deep love for dogs. With a focus on positive reinforcement techniques, they specialize in helping dogs of all ages, sizes, and temperaments overcome behavioral challenges and build trust with their owners. The business was born out of a shared desire to support foster dogs in their transition to forever homes, leading the founders to pursue extensive training and volunteer work to enhance their skills.

Alana, one of the co-founders, embarked on her career as a dog trainer in 2019 after completing training with the National Dog Trainers Federation. Her experience as a foster carer for over 30 dogs of varying ages has equipped her with valuable insights into canine behavior and training methods. Alana continues to foster dogs in Queensland, supported by her loyal companion Noah. Jake, the other co-founder, delved into dog training following a transformative experience with a rescued Staffie in 2016. His dedication to learning and applying diverse training techniques has enabled him to assist in the training and care of numerous foster dogs, leading him to pursue a full-time role in dog training, walking, and sitting.

At Dog & Bone Sydney, the team’s mission is to facilitate effective communication between dogs and their owners, fostering a harmonious and fulfilling relationship for both parties. Through their expertise, experience, and commitment to positive reinforcement, they strive to help every dog reach their full potential and lead a happy, balanced life alongside their human companions.