Detailed Information

Disco Dogs Queenstown is a professional K9 service dedicated to providing stimulating adventure sessions for the beloved fur friends of Queenstown. Led by Gaby, a passionate dog lover with a wealth of experience in dog walking and care, Disco Dogs offers a unique off-leash experience in a fully fenced rural location near Arrowtown. Dogs are picked up from their homes in a purpose-built vehicle, where they can enjoy two hours of off-leash fun, socialize with other pack members, and engage in basic obedience training to ensure a well-rounded experience.

Gaby’s journey with dogs began with her own furry companions, including Disco the Goofy Groodle and Moose the German Shepherd, among others. Her background in co-owning and operating an outdoor activity business in the UK, coupled with a deep love for dogs, led her to establish Disco Dogs Noosa in Australia before expanding to Queenstown. The focus on providing dogs with ample outdoor exercise, social stimulation, and a secure environment stems from Gaby’s desire to offer her own pup the best care possible, which ultimately inspired the creation of Disco Dogs.

With a commitment to excellence and safety, Disco Dogs Queenstown ensures that all pack members are well-exercised, content, and returned home after a day of adventure. Gaby’s expertise, combined with her genuine love for dogs, sets Disco Dogs apart as a premier K9 service that prioritizes the well-being and happiness of every furry client. While Disco Dogs Queenstown is no longer accepting new bookings, their legacy of providing top-notch care and enrichment experiences for dogs continues to resonate with the local community.