Detailed Information

Direct K9 Services is a reputable canine training business that prioritizes building a strong bond between dog owners and their furry companions. Led by Craig, a certified dog trainer with a Certificate III in dog training and behavior from the National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF), the business follows a balanced approach to training that focuses on instilling confidence and leadership in the human-canine relationship. Craig continuously updates his knowledge by studying various sources and consulting with dog experts both locally and internationally to ensure that the methods used are in line with industry standards.

Direct K9 Services offers a range of customized dog training programs tailored to address various behavior issues in dogs. The business not only focuses on modifying dog behavior but also emphasizes teaching owners effective communication techniques with their pets. With a commitment to helping dog owners overcome their pets’ behavioral challenges, Direct K9 Services aims to empower owners to understand and address their dogs’ needs, ultimately fostering a harmonious and well-behaved relationship between humans and canines.

Having a well-trained pet brings numerous benefits, and Direct K9 Services believes that every dog owner can help their furry friend reach their full potential. Whether you are struggling with behavior problems or simply seeking guidance on effective training methods, Direct K9 Services is dedicated to providing expert assistance and support to help you and your dog build a strong and lasting bond based on trust and understanding.