Detailed Information

Denali Dog Training is a reputable and experienced business located in the northeastern suburbs of Adelaide, servicing all suburbs and some country areas. Owned and operated by Robin, a qualified and nationally accredited dog trainer, Denali Dog Training specializes in using positive reinforcement techniques to teach behavior modification, obedience, assistance skills, and substance detection. With a passion for helping people and their pets build strong relationships through science-based training methods, Robin has over 30 years of experience in training dogs and horses, ensuring that clients receive expert knowledge and support to help their pets thrive.

At Denali Dog Training, the philosophy is centered around the belief that beneath every behavior is a feeling, and beneath every feeling is a need. By addressing these needs and focusing on positive reinforcement, the business aims to help pet owners understand their dogs’ emotions and build better connections with them. Robin emphasizes the importance of creating a strong foundation for learning, ensuring that dogs enjoy the training process and develop desired behaviors without the need for punishment or correction. With a focus on gentle, effective, and kind training methods based on behavioral science and psychology, Denali Dog Training offers personalized consultations in the comfort of clients’ homes.

  • Behavioral Consults: Addressing reactivity, aggression, anxiety, manners, obedience, and more in a one-on-one setting at home to provide tailored solutions for each dog’s unique needs.
  • Reactivity Group Classes: Outdoor classes focusing on loose leash walking, recall, boundary training, and reactivity techniques in a supportive environment for owners of reactive dogs.
  • Tracking Training: Personalized one-on-one or group training sessions to teach dogs tracking skills using positive reinforcement methods.

With a strong emphasis on positive reinforcement training and a commitment to helping clients achieve their training goals, Denali Dog Training stands out as a trusted partner in creating happy, well-behaved, and confident dogs. By offering expert guidance, support, and valuable resources, Robin and Denali Dog Training are dedicated to empowering dog owners to understand their pets better and enjoy a harmonious relationship built on trust and mutual respect.