Detailed Information

Dandy Dog Training, based in Cambridge Park and servicing Penrith and surrounding areas, is owned and operated by Paula Smith. Specializing in force-free, positive reinforcement training, Paula aims to help dog owners understand their pets better and build a strong bond with them. With a Cert IV in Companion Animal Services from the Delta Institute and as a Professional Member of the Delta Institute, Paula ensures high ethical standards and ongoing education to provide top-notch training services.

Paula’s passion for teaching and coaching people started during her volunteer work as a dog handler with Nepean Therapy Dogs. Over the years, she has honed her skills in group and individual training, transitioning towards modern, ethical, force-free techniques. Additionally, as a mindDog assessor and trainer, Paula coaches individuals training their pets to become psychiatric assistance dogs, offering support and guidance through the training process.

With a focus on pet training, behavioural training, therapy dogs, and assistance dogs, Dandy Dog Training offers a range of services to cater to various needs. Paula’s commitment to ongoing education and professional development, along with her team member Kate Darwen overseeing administrative tasks, ensures a high level of expertise and efficiency in delivering top-quality dog training services.