Detailed Information

Curtin Veterinary Clinic is a locally owned and operated veterinary practice dedicated to providing personalized care for pets and their owners in the community. Our team, led by Leesa, a highly experienced vet nurse with a passion for animal welfare, takes the time to build strong relationships with both pets and their owners. Leesa’s background in veterinary care, starting in Melbourne and continuing at our clinic since its establishment in 2014, ensures that your furry companions receive the highest quality of care.

At Curtin Veterinary Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering a range of services to keep your pets healthy and happy. Our fully modern equipped veterinary hospital provides comprehensive health checks, vaccinations, desexing, microchipping, and tailored diet advice to meet the individual needs of each pet. In addition, we emphasize the importance of Puppy Preschool as a crucial step in shaping your puppy’s social interactions and behavior for a lifetime of positive experiences with other dogs and people.

With a focus on building a strong sense of community and providing exceptional care for pets, Curtin Veterinary Clinic stands out as a trusted partner in ensuring the well-being of your beloved animals. Our commitment to personalized service and Leesa’s dedication to her profession make us the go-to choice for pet owners seeking compassionate and expert veterinary care.