Detailed Information

Curtin Cat Care – Kismet is a premier feline accommodation facility located at 1247 Nanima Road, Nanima, NSW. With over twenty years of experience in the Cat Care industry, the team at Kismet has designed a space like no other, ensuring that your beloved cats receive the highest quality care and accommodation in the country. The facility offers two styles of accommodation – large suites and premium rooms with private outdoor enclosures, all boasting stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

At Kismet, nature is at the core of their design philosophy, with a focus on incorporating natural colors and themes to create a relaxing and restful environment for cats in their care. The facility is north facing, fully insulated, and equipped with double glazed doors and windows, making it energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Situated in a beautiful valley just 20 minutes away from Canberra, Kismet provides a unique opportunity for cats to enjoy the wonders of Australian wildlife, including plovers, kangaroos, swamphens, and herons as their neighbors.

With a commitment to providing outstanding care and a serene setting for cats, Curtin Cat Care – Kismet invites cat owners to book their feline companions’ next stay at this exceptional facility. By choosing Kismet, pet owners can rest easy knowing that their little ones are safe, comfortable, and surrounded by the beauty of nature while in the care of experienced professionals.