Detailed Information

Curious Canine Training, founded by Talia, is a premier dog training service based on the Northern Beaches. With a passion for animals and a background in animal studies, Talia embarked on a journey to help dog owners build better relationships with their furry companions. Specializing in in-home consultations, Talia works closely with both dogs and their families to improve communication and address behavioral issues. Her approach is rooted in humane methods backed by science, ensuring that every dog has the opportunity to thrive.

At Curious Canine Training, the focus is on providing tailored solutions for dogs of all sizes and temperaments. Talia’s expertise extends to puppy training services, designed to set a solid foundation for young dogs to prevent future behavioral challenges. Whether through group classes or private sessions, clients have the opportunity to fine-tune their dog’s obedience skills in a supportive environment. Talia’s commitment to ongoing education and attendance at workshops on various dog training topics ensures that her methods are up-to-date and effective.

With a personal touch and a deep understanding of the challenges dog owners face, Curious Canine Training aims to empower families to achieve harmony with their pets. Talia’s dedication goes beyond training sessions, offering continuous support through phone and email communication. By choosing Curious Canine Training, clients can embark on a transformative journey towards a stronger bond with their four-legged companions, guided by a knowledgeable and compassionate trainer.